This story comes from Lora A.

“Do you want the longest/best hug or the most memorable one?” she asked me. I told her, “The first one that comes to mind.”

It was the day at the hospital that her husband Mike was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was confirmation of their worst fear. She knew in that moment that she had to be strong for him. So, she did what she had to. It was clearly all too overwhelming for as soon as she had the chance, she found a nearby empty visitors room where she lost it. Up until this point Lora had only briefly spoken with the nurse practitioner working with Mike’s surgeon. The nurse shared that she was newly pregnant as Lora and Mike just had a newborn of their own. It was this same nurse practitioner that seemed to magically appear in this moment of weakness.  The nurse enveloped Lora in a hug with no words. It’s moments like this that words would fail to convey the mercy one is offering to another.

This hug sparked a life long friendship. She doubts that that hug could possibly hold as much meaning for her friend as it did for her. It’s these moments that sustain us through our darkest times.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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