Daughter hugs

This is another story from Jenny. I felt it was appropriate to share today because it’s about her daughter London, who just so happens to be sick and cuddly. Here’s to hoping she is better soon!

Jenny began the story by sharing the same sentiment I hear from pretty much anyone that shares a kid story. Their hugs are just so genuine. There is no agenda, just love. Then, she began to tell about something her daughter London likes to do in the morning. I wish I could have captured her telling this on video, but you will just have to imagine it.

London approaches her and begins to slowly walk her fingers up Jenny’s body. As she does so, she emphasizes one word with each touch. I (touch). Love (touch). You (touch). And on and on it goes until she reaches the top and then wraps her arms around Jenny giving a pure expression of love. It’s so genuine and sincere. It’s in these moments that Jenny just wants to be able to communicate how much more she loves London. And, that she always will love her more than her daughter could ever love her back. I think it’s a mom thing. (or at least a parent thing) (or grandparent thing) (heck, just any adult in love with any child thing)

Feel better London. Be sure to give your Mom lots more of that love.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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