Grounding myself

Flighty, wishy washy, pollyanna(ish), a fairy, head in the clouds, not grounded, chaser of the next adventure, these are all things I have been accused of being/wanting/having. I have defended myself against all of these things for so long until I could no longer deny them even to myself. 

I love these things about myself. I love my adventures and feeling like I am flying from one to the next. Yet, I keep hearing that I “need” to ground myself. I get it. I see how that is important, but it also feels so limiting to me. What fun is being grounded? I know there must be some happy medium but even that feels limiting. I don’t want to find the happy medium. I am happy just flying. 

So, in the midst of the realizations about myself, I also know that I am happiest with my family. I can’t expect my family to want to fly with me, so here is where the middle ground comes in. I just don’t know how that works. I have tried. Deep down in my heart I know that we can find happiness in every moment. I believe that with every fiber in my being. I have heard the stories about those who find themselves in situations they can’t physically escape from and somehow they find peace and even joy until their escape/rescue. (yes, I am comparing my life to being imprisoned, because that is how it feels to me at times)

So, how do I fly while remaining grounded to the “realities” of life? Bills, responsiblities, relationships and committments? I don’t know, but I sure am ready to find out. Welcome to the next chapter of my life.



4 thoughts on “Grounding myself

  1. I love every part of you because it’s just what makes you well YOU! I’m looking forward to seeing this next chapter unfold with you. The last chapter was quite a roller coaster.

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