What does flying mean?

In order to find that balance between being grounded and flighty, I have to know what it means to me to feel free. What are those things that make me feel like I am flying?

Today it means doing what most others don’t. For example, going for a walk at work in order to connect with nature rather than for exercise. For me, connecting with what I love leads to a natural form of exercise. One that I don’t have to think about or plan.


These tiny frogs are my favorite!


I even love the creepy crawlies

So, here I am after a short walk at a nearby park. I feel at peace, joyful and free. I am sitting on a rocking chair watching the birds and connecting with you. Apparently a bee wants to connect too.
Agh! Ok, he’s gone.

What makes you feel free?



One thought on “What does flying mean?

  1. Why I love your blog: Authenticity… kindness… and a sense of humor! All that AND it makes you think (…which is my way of saying I don’t have a satisfactory answer yet, to your closing question. I’m going to have to think about that some more!)
    Thanks, Melinda!

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