Love takes hold

I believe. I believe in kindness, love and most of all magic. I believe that love is magical, with the capability of fixing all. I belive that kindness is a gateway to love. And, I accept that it is possible to believe yet still struggle with the day to day aspects of living a human existence.

Fear is the opposite of love. It is a place we humans reside in comfortably. It leads us in to this false reality of “safety”. As long as we remain fearful, then we can protect ourselves from the invitable hurts of life. But are we really protecting ourselves? We think of it as a protection because we replay those worst case scenarios over and over again until we know how we will handle a potential hurt. It doesn’t ever work that way, so at what point do we stop and say, “no more fear. I will not live my life from that place anymore.” I mean, even when we attempt it, we are bombarded with well intentioned loved ones reminding us, “but what if…, aren’t you aware of…, how will you be prepared if … happens?” 

Love transcends fear. It says, “I am afraid, but I have faith that it will all work out. My track record has proven that so far.” When we can learn to live from an open heart we experience the full breadth that life has to offer. No opportunity passes us by. Every moment is joyous and beautiful even if it’s not what we would have chosen for that moment. 

Yes, living from an open heart can be fearful in itself. It is frightening to open our heart to life knowing that we will fully experience everything life throws our way, the joy and the hurt. It is acknowledging that we choose to feel the hurt fully with every ounce of our being. While at the same time knowing that the lightness and freedom of joy is just around the corner and we get the pleasure of fully experiencing that as well. 

I am no expert. I am still learning. The fear is strong in this one. Yet, each day I surround myself with more and more people who are showing me the way to openheartedness. Each time I feel myself open to living from that space of love I know that there becomes less and less room for fear. Love is taking hold.

May love take hold of you. {HUG}


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