I watched We Bought a Zoo last night. That movie. It gets to me. Hubby had gone out to his own movie with a friend last night so I watched this on my own. It was the second time I had seen it and I had the same reaction. Uncontrollable sobbing. 

If you have ever seen the movie, you may be asking the same question that hubby asked when he got home. “why?” Why the tears? What was I feeling? What was it about that movie that made me feel that way? After a very long pause I gave him answers. Answers that he might be able to understand but that I knew were’t the complete truth. 

The complete truth is described in that word above. 



2 thoughts on “Alexithymia

  1. guess I need to order this on netflix to see if I can relate.  You do know it’s ok to cry for no apparent reason… it’s a release on levels unbeknownst or conscious.  One never needs justify their feelings to someone else.  Certainly it can be potentially helpful and healing if we sit with the emotion in meditation with our big S Self connected to All.  But whether something arises or not, isnt an indication of successful inner searching.  I believe the willingness to be vulnerable to FEEL, to observe feeling and then to be willing to SEEK understanding without attachment is the key to ALL HEALING.  And my sweet as I’ve told you before, you are a blessing to the world as YOU are the emotional and spiritual warrior for us all.  Being One Son, One God, YOU open to and heal the world. love you girl and look forward to spending time with you when my sister passes and things settle down.  big hugs and heart blessings,m

    • I was just thinking about you this morning, Mona! I hope you are caring for yourself as well as you are your sister. Thank you as always for your kind words and heartfelt messages. I am practicing golden key more and more and know that I hold you and your sister in that space. xoxo

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