See Me

I awoke so many times during the night last night. I may have had dreams, but I don’t remember them. All I remember is that every single time I woke up these words were raging through my head. “See me.” “I want you to be a witness to me.” That seems pretty profound to me. I am not quite sure where it is coming from. I feel as though I am being truer to myself than ever and I have surrounded myself with people who do see me. They give me loving space to witness all my greatness/lack/beauty/darkness. 

Is it me? Do I still not see me? Am I not witnessing my own journey? I have fallen in to this pattern of not growing after a year of major change. Perhaps it’s time to sit with myself and behold the beauty I have created all around. To acknowledge and love it all, even the not so pretty parts. Would it even be possible to continue to grow without doing that?

I think I think too much. 



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