I want my freedom!

What does it mean to be free? I have recently been challenged with this question. I talk all the time about wanting to spread my wings and fly, yet at the same time, I want to buy a zoo. And, as a wise friend said, “that doesn’t sound like freedom, that sounds like a whole lot of responsiblity.” That got me thinking a lot about what freedom means.

I believe the definition of feeling free is different for everyone, yet it all comes down to living your truth. Living from that space of knowing that every decision that is made and every moment that is lived is done so from a place of truth. Your truth. The one that says, “yes. this is perfection. this is how I want to spend this moment.” Even during the tough times.

Buying a zoo really is a metaphor for me. My truth lies within time spent with animals. I have realized that I want to create something big and grand, like a zoo and have it be filled with animals in some capacity. Ok, maybe not a metaphor, but an actual zoo. Oh, sometimes I crack myself up. The reason it feels free to me is because I know that every moment will be spent living my truth. I will be helping animals (I am really interested in creating a rescue sanctuary) and also teaching in some capacity which is also a truth of mine. A way of living that I would feel fulfilled and honored to be doing. My service to the world. 

Although most people would consider that type of environment a trapping one because it would be very difficult to travel and explore the world, I would find it freeing. Because every single day I would be surrounded by everything that I love. What better freedom is there?



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