I give great advice

I give great advice…to myself. Lately I have realized that I turn to different people for advice depending on the situation I am facing. I actively seek out just the right person to turn to. It has taken me a long time and a big blow to my ego to realize that it’s because I am looking for validation, not advice. I already know how I want to handle the situation. I just want someone to tell me I am right. 

When it comes to truly needing advice because I know deep down within that I am not yet clear on the answer, I turn to those who don’t offer advice. They are the best advisors. Rather than give solutions, they listen; deeply, intently. They offer space after the words have been spoken. The wait patiently for that next thought because they know it will come. They inately know that the best person you can possibly receive advice from is yourself. So, they listen. Then the more you talk the more you realize you had the answer all along. You just needed the space and opportunity to acknowledge and witness it. 

It’s a revelation and quite empowering to surround yourself with people of this nature. And, if you are one of those people, thank you. You are a gift to those around you.



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