Own your ‘you’ness

This morning my hairdresser and good friend and I had another one of our deep, reflective talks. We were talking about owning our power and being true to ourselves when she said something so profound I just stopped. I needed to process the simpleness of what she shared  and absorb the message.

“Being true to ourselves is like the body. The heart beats as much as it needs to. It knows this is it’s function. If it were to be concerned about what the liver thought, then it might not beat as hard and this would be a disaster not only for both of them, but all of the other organs as well. It knows it’s purpose is to beat hard and that is what keeps everthing else supported.” 

Like the functions of the body, it is our purpose in life to find our thing. That thing that makes us unique. That makes us “us”. When we fully engage as “us” we support the entire world around us. We become exactly what we were intended to be to create the most magnificent world. 

What an awesome gift we are.



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