My oldest son is 8 and recently (usually on the way home from school) he began a rather humorous behavior. When I would ask him about his day, or try to engage him in conversation he would go limp and say, “malfunction”. Deadpanned. No smile. Nothing. The first time he did it I started to laugh thinking it was very clever then began to worry because he stayed that way. When he began to smile I nearly lost it. I was hysterical. I thought it was the funniest, cleverest thing ever. Now, whenever he doesn’t feel like engaging, he malfunctions. 

Last night hubby and I were watching the movie Aloha. It was cute. I enjoyed it. So, when it was over hubby tried engaging me asking if I liked it and what I thought. I had no words to share and I wasn’t sure why. I told him I needed to process it. This was after having told him before the movie started that I was in the middle of processing some other stuff in my life. His response? “You sure do process a lot.” Well, duh. I laughed and said, “I know! You would too if you had all this chaos happening in your brain at all times. It’s complete madness in there.” Hubby just looked at me with a huge smile and said, “Cooper can explain in one gesture what it has taken you years to realize and communicate to me.” I completely lost it. He was right. Malfunction is the only way to describe what it takes for me to process the junk in my head. I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard, yet at the same time crying because it was my Truth.

So, if you ever see me in this state:

   I’ve temporarily malfunctioned and will be returning to a better version of myself shortly. Thank you Cooper for the gift of Truth.



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