6 Steps To Take When Taking Steps Seems Pointless

When you reach that point (and you will reach that point) when taking steps to better yourself seems fruitless, pointless, redundant, a waste of time; unless you have already achieved enlightenment (which I doubt if you find youself here), it’s time to dig in. I get it. It seems like everything you have read says the same thing but in different words, we already have all the answers within us. Great, so what are we looking outwards for? Don’t we just get to that point where we can sit in stillness with ourselves and receive the answers we are looking for? I mean, it’s already there. Why do I need to read another book, watch another TED talk, or *ugh* follow another blog post with steps on how to better myself? 
Because with each book, TED talk and blog post we receive another message that brings us to hearing our Truth from within with clarity. Because with each message we open ourselves to receiving the Truth we are meant to hear, not the one we think we want. Because with each message we are one step closer to understanding our Truth within and bringing us to the moment when maybe we will be able to say, no more books, no more TED talks, no more blog posts; I am in TRUTH. Maybe. 

So, here are 6 steps to take when you feel as though you no longer need the outward messages, because right now your Truth is reminding you that you do.

1. Go to your favorite inspirational/spiritual blog and read the first post that catches your eye. I guarantee it will be a message custom made for you. 

2. Pick up your favorite inspirational/spiritual book, open to a random page and read it. I guarantee it will be a message custom made for you. (My favorites are A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz)

3. Step outside, take your shoes off and ground yourself. Nature has a funny way of working with you to help you hear the messages inside. (Are you seeing the theme here?)

4. Call a friend. Don’t talk. Just listen. Can you hear the message?

5. Pick up a new inspirational/spiritual book. Even if the book doesn’t speak to you, just taking away one thing from the book peels another layer back as your soul assists you in hearing your Truth.

6. Have faith. Rest in the knowledge that you do have all the answers within and that you are constantly being guided to the outward messages that will help reveal your Truth to you.

Most importantly, never stop. You are a gift to this world and we need you. 



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