Being patient (nope, nuh uh, not for me)

To those in the know this doesn’t come as a surprise, but I don’t like my job. Like, at all. Like, I have already quit twice yet I am still there. Yeah, you read that right. I don’t know who’s more of a glutton for punishment, me or my boss. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the job and there is actually a ton of things I have to be grateful for. Lots of flexibility, lots of freedom, good pay and did I mention flexibility? It just doesn’t resonate with my soul. And, when something doesn’t resonate with my soul, I want out. Like, now. The first time I quit was a year ago. Then, the job changed because I asked for what I felt I was worth and got it. The second time I quit was about 4 months ago. I thought it might change because I was told it would…ha ha. Then I realized maybe it was me.

So, I tried. I even got confirmation from my intuitive healer that there was clearly a lesson in this for me and to be patient and work on making the situation work for me. I have meditated, practiced gratitude, vented to hubby and friends and family. Everytime I feel like I have overcome and learned the lesson I was meant to learn something happens and I am thrown back in to feeling like I need out. NOW. 

Yet everywhere I turn I keep hearing the same message. Be patient. Be still. Have faith. This past week as I was coming to my wits end I pulled these messages from my Animal Spirit Guide Oracle Cards (they are sooooo much fun!)  

And this is what hubby gets:

Really? UGH! Worse part is I thought I actually had a plan in place; an out, when the program I signed up for next weekend to become a certified Healing Touch for Animals practitioner got moved to April. APRIL!

So, went to book study last night and this is one of the lines that was highlighted in the book: “As we remain receptive within, feeling (not thinking), retranslating untruth to Truth and Waiting on God, giving up effort, Divinity will unfold and reveal itself to us by and by…” from The Infinite Way by Joel S Goldsmith. Again, faith and patience. 

I hear you life. I hear you. I don’t like what you have to say, but I hear you. 

Last week I ordered the book Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender. I am impatiently waiting on it. I’ll let you know how that goes.



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