Be Bold. Be Brave

It’s true what you have heard. The kingdom of God lives inside of you. What does that mean? It means that you already have and are all that you will ever need. It means that you are a gift to this world. It means that keeping your heart open and following where it will lead, it will never lead you astray. Do you feel that Truth resonating in your soul?

Have you tried to follow that Truth only to have others question your motives? Tell you what you are doing is wrong or selfish? Have you listened to very well intentioned loves ones preach what I shared in the first paragraph only to doubt it when you try living that way? It’s so damn confusing. If so many people believe the kingdom of God is inside, then why aren’t they living it? Why do they question those brave enough to try?

Be brave anyway. Your path isn’t to shy away from your Truth because it causes waves. Your path is to create those waves so that when they settle, you can show others the Way. Be bold for them. Selflessly create the life you were meant to live and show others they must too.

I have struggled with how to end this post. I feel like I am having a moment where I feel an emotion I can’t describe. I just tried describing it to my sister and she told me I probably shouldn’t share. But, well, I guess it is time for me to be bold. 

This message has flown through my fingers and the feeling it has evoked in me is a loving anger. I guess that is the best way to describe it. Like I want to shove this message down your throats because I believe in the amazing gift that you are, but I would do it in the most loving way possible. It’s like those times when you know your loved one is ridiculously amazing yet all you hear from them is how terrible/imperfect/unloving they are. You want to shake them and scream and make them understand how perfect they are to you. That. That is how I feel about you.



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