Calling in Angry

What do you think yogis and meditation teachers do on off days? They must have off days, right? 

I teach children’s meditation on Wednesday nights. I typically only have one kid if any, but it’s an amazing thing to teach oneness with a child. Tonight I was oh so hopeful no kids would show. I was not in a mood for teaching meditation. It was so bad that when I was invited to the adult meditation because no kids showed, I expressed my gratitude, but explained that I was not in the mood. (Probably the most important time to actually go, huh?)

On the way home, I raged. Events of the past few days (well, weeks or months really) have been rearing their ugly head. I cried, I screamed, I swore. All in the comfort of my car, but if someone had been watching, I must have been a sight. When I finally calmed down enough to breathe, I wondered. How could I have taught oneness tonight? Wouldn’t my negative energy affect those around me? If I was supposed to be the one in control and leading the kids, shouldn’t I be sure to have clear energy first?

How about you? Are you a guru, yogi, master? Instead of calling in sick, can I call in angry? If that’s not a thing, can I make it a thing? Shouldn’t I?

I would love to hear your thoughts. 



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