Showing Up

“How do you wish to show up in this world?” This question was posed to me amidst the fervor of attempting to accept ‘dark’ aspects of myself that I was having difficulty with. I moved past the question quickly not giving it much thought until this morning. Now, it’s all I can think about. 

We all struggle with aspects of ourselves that feel unloveable. When life touches that unloveable place, that sore spot on our pysche, we usually lash out. I know I do. I find a reason for everything to be someone else’s fault. It surely can’t be mine. It surely can’t have anything to do with that sore spot. After all I am perfect. Spirituality tells me so. Oh, the ways our ego can twist anything to make it work in our favor. 

Eventually, if we want to change we have to take a look at that sore spot. We have to examine it. Poke it a little. Prod until it feels uncomfortable. Then, once we have done that, it’s time to push on it, dig in to it, make it hurt like hell. Because at the center of all that pain is the thing that we have the opportunity to see differently. To embrace as part of our divine selves. To recognize as not something that is bad, just misunderstood. To begin to love.

As we open that sore spot and begin to pour love in, magic happens. Lots of tears, lots of anger, lots of very difficult emotions, sure. But, magic. Things begin to look differently. You begin to see yourself differently. You are able to believe that you are truly loveable in every way. Next thing you know, ego begins to fade in to the background. From this space you can begin to show up differently in the world. 

No longer are you holding on to supposed hurts. No longer are you holding on to expectations of what others should do for you. No longer are you holding on to the guilt of not being everything for everyone. Now, you have the power to show up as you wish to in this world. 

So, I ask you. How do you wish to show up?



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