Light the world up with your love

Utter chaos. That’s what I am seeing; mostly in facebook posts. Tragedies are occurring that are dividing our nation even farther than we already were rather than bringing us together in common humanity of wanting to make things better. My heart aches. I want to bring about change, but how? Showing support of one side or another only adds to the divide. Besides, how is that changing anything? It’s merely me voicing my opinion. That’s not action. Or, is it?

Hubby and I had this discussion last week. He encouraged me to speak up. So, here is what I want to say:

Open your hearts. Everyone. Take the messages brought forth by the media with a grain of salt and listen to your own heart. Listen with intent. Listen with love for your fellow countrymen. Listen with hope for the future of this world. Listen to how the battle cries from others don’t have anything to do with them wanting to sway you to their side, but about how afraid they are. How afraid we all are about the direction it appears the world is heading in. Fear brings about a frantic need for change. So, we get behind the people we believe will bring about that change. We hear their battle cry and hope that by supporting them we are in fact enacting change with them. 

But, that power does not lie in the individuals who speak the loudest or rage the most. It lies within you. Within me. Inside of the heart that we keep closed when fear takes hold. I implore you, I implore myself, let’s open our hearts. Let’s let love in, let it flow. Let it be in charge when we decide to take action, whether it’s through a facebook post, a letter to an official, or simply a conversation with someone who may not think or believe the way we do. 

Hate, fear and closed hearts will certainly change this world. What will that world look like? I shudder to think of it.  Love is the most powerful gift we have. More powerful than hate or fear by a longshot. It’s not loud in the traditional sense. It’s not physically demanding. It will not be apparent to others the way you are choosing to change the world. It will appear to them as inaction. Love anyway. Love those that judge you. Love those that don’t agree with your beliefs. Love those that are creating the chaos in the first place. Keep loving those that are easy to love. Most importantly love yourself and know the impact you are making. 

Little by little, person by person, our love will join together to heal the world. You don’t have to believe it, your heart already knows it. So, open your heart, listen a little closer. I guarantee this is it’s message to you.



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