I wanna be like Rey

Judging by the fact that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the number one movie of all time, I am guessing that many of you know who Rey is. I would be surprised if more than 3 of you have not seen it (yes, mom and sisters, I am looking at you). I have seen it twice now. Once without the kids and once with. Both times I have been struck by Rey’s character. Not only did the actress do an amazing job, but the character is so full – that’s the best way I have to describe her. Without even knowing her entire background I could sense the complexity of who she is. 

What I really took away from her character was her ability to charge head and heart first (often running) into every circumstance that she encountered, whether good or bad (and of course, they were mostly bad). I found myself motivated and inspired by this. I want to live my life that way. I want to charge head and heart first into all of my circumstances. Right now, I fight against every circumstance that comes my way that I am not in control of. I used to think I was so great at adventure and change. I mean, once I understand the nuances of the situation I am about to face, I can rock that shit. Or, if it is change that I choose, I am a bull headed for that red cape. But when winds of change blow my way I am thrown in to a tizzy. Even with good circumstances. 

The bad circumstances are pretty understandable and self explanatory; I think most of us struggle against those. But, take surprises. I thought I loved surprises. I mean, who doesn’t? I have realized over time, I don’t like how out of control I feel with surprises. I mean, hubby is AMAZING at surprises, but when he doesn’t tell me what he has planned, then how am I supposed to know what outfit to wear? What if we show up somewhere and I have that perfect outfit at home (what a waste!)? What if we show up somewhere other than I imagined we would be going and I am (gasp!) disappointed? How selfish and ungrateful of me. And, with that kind of self talk, is it any wonder I am not such a fan of surprises anymore. 

It really all comes down to control. I want to love surprises, but I won’t ever be able to until I learn to relinquish control. I want to approach the winds of change with grace, but again, as long as I desire to control the situation, I will only be met with anguish as I fight against the inevitable.

When Rey is confronted with the many situations outside of her control or even her understanding, she only runs away once but even then, returns at the slightest hint that she is needed again. I want to be like that. Even her running away is done whole heartedly. There was no hiding her fear or anger. When faced with adversity, she was either running into or away from the situation, whichever was called for without question.

I love to run. I want to run heart first into or with the winds of change and feel alive as they blow all around me. I want them to take my breath away and feel at peace knowing I am living life to its fullest. 


One thought on “I wanna be like Rey

  1. I certainly knew that you meant me not seeing the movie :-). I am hoping to see it with the boys. Beautiful post! I can see you doing that. Love you

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