Staying centered through life’s adventures

Anybody out there have the goods on how to stay centered through major life changes? Anyone? Bueller? Yeah, me either. But, I hope to learn along the way. See, we are relocating to Atlanta, GA. A distance of 430 miles. You would think the fact that I knew this was a probability for almost 2 years would have prepared me, but nothing can ever prepare you for the reality of change. It became official this week. 

Leading up to this week, I would say my staying centered skills have been lacking to say the least. We are talking about eating comfort foods, not exercising, not meditating, resisting and denying emotions that have been surfacing. You know, all the completely wrong things. Let me tell you, that is NOT the way to go. Do not, I repeat, do not repeat these mistakes. (Fine, go ahead and repeat them. I can’t tell you how to live your life, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.) I am left feeling bloated, anxious, overwhelmed, desperate and tired.

You may not believe me (why not, I have never lied to you before, have I? Jeez),(no, the stress isn’t getting to me at all…) but just days before we received official word of the relocation, I began treating myself better. I began drinking my bone broth again. I began writing again. I started an 8 week yoga practice. I even meditated. Then, lo and behold, like magic we received word. It felt like magic because one of the major stresses I was experiencing was wondering when we would hear. Ok. Deep breath. Now comes the planning/action phase. 

How, you ask, will I possibly be able to remain centered during one of life’s 3 most stressful events? Well, for beginners, I will not view this as a stressful event but an adventure. (Hubby actually began speaking of it that way. I am so grateful for that man.) After that, who the f*** knows. I will continue meditating daily, drinking my bone broth, going for walks/runs, doing yoga. No matter what in a matter of months I will be living in Atlanta. How I fare through the change at this point is anyone’s guess. My  intention is to do it with grace while discovering all the ways I can remain centered. 

Suggestions greatly appreciated.




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