Weathering the storms

Today Raleigh has the highest threat of storms that one of our meteorologists has ever seen in our area. We expect to see severe thunderstorms and potential tornadoes. How fitting.

On Sunday our Reverend spent time teaching us a method to use when practicing surrender. He likened the jumbled, frantic voice in our head to a tornado. If we don’t remain diligent, it’s easy to get caught up in the vortex and once there, nearly impossible to get out. These are those moments when we are caught up in our story of shame, guilt, fear and anxiety. I don’t know about you but there have been times when I have been caught up in it and have actively thought to myself, “no. No, I don’t want to meditate. I DON’T want to feel better. I want to stay angry.” Or, “What does it matter, it won’t help anyway. None of it helps. Nothing can possibly make this moment better.” Yet, even as I find myself saying those things deep down inside I know it’s not true. But, it FEELS so true. That is it. That for me is the tornado. 

Our practice is to try to lean back from the tornado before it can pull us in. To be a witness to events that are unfolding that are inching us ever closer to the storm. To practice mindfulness and remember our true nature so as to only remain a witness to the chaos that ensues. The anger, anxiety, fear, shame will still happen; we are human after all, but it is possible to remain centered in these moments. To watch your human self engage in them from a distance. To be able to remember that this too shall pass and it can not alter the true nature of your Self. Which is love. Pure, compassionate, perfect love. 

When the tornado dissipates – as it will every time – you come out the other side exactly the same as you went in, a loving being. The difference will be that with every moment you can remain a witness to these storms more peace will follow until you get to the point that only peace remains. Life continues to ebb and flow, storms blow past but you remain centered peacefully, lovingly throughout. As Echkhart Tolle has said, “You are the sky. The clouds are what happens, what comes and goes.” 

So, as I watch this threatening storm come through my hometown and my awareness, I will remain a witness to all that it brings knowing that through it all I can have peace and the true essence of me will remain.

I am love. 



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