Now what?

The house went on the market last week. We had 3 showings since then. No offers. Now what?

The Atlanta rental market is one of the highest if not the highest in the country. When a rental comes on the market it is typically gone the same day. We can’t afford to pay a mortgage and a rent. Without knowing what will be available when we are ready to move we can’t exactly prepare for the school district we will be going in to. Now what?

Without knowing when our house will sell and if that will be before the end of the school year, I can’t exactly prepare for whether or not the kids will finish our their school year here or there. Now what?

Tater Tot is still pooping in our house regardless of the training I have been doing with him over the past month. Now what?

Without knowing when we will actually move, I am not able to commit to classes I want to take like yoga or reiki because I am not sure if I should sign up in Raleigh or Atlanta. Now what?

Now I breathe. Now I let go. Now I surrender to the natural flow of life. Now I observe with detachment my emotions as they arise; the sadness, the joy, the peace and the fear. Now I allow peace in and know that all is well.



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