Stop the Labels

I took one of those ridiculous Facebook quizzes the other day (I reluctantly admit to being a junkie) about whether you are a right-brained or left-brained person. I was confident in how it would turn out. Clearly I am right-brained. You know, creative, intuitive, whimsical. Imagine my utmost surprise when the results turned out…

50% right-brained 50% left-brained

What?!! Split down the middle. No, clearly something must be wrong. Oh, right, it’s just some ridiculous quiz from Facebook. Nothing to get worked up over, I mean there is probably no validation to these things anyway. Yet there I was very worked up over being split evenly. 

I was upset because I was certain I was right-brained. Yet, I was even more worked up because I officially wasn’t in a category. I needed the label. How else would I know how I should move forward in life. Should I be more analytical or should I remain my whimsical self? Who was I without the label? Holy crap. When I realized how much this bothered me I realized how much of my identity rested in what my labels are. 

Labels make us feel proud of things we are. They make us ashamed of ourselves. They keep us from fulfilling a life we have always dreamed of because that’s not who we are. They insist that we fulfill the life that is expected of us. Labels are a bunch of shit we made up to keep our ego fed. 

I am not my ego. I am not someone with multiple sclerosis. I am not a mother. I am not a wife. I am clearly not right or left brained. I am not a writer. I am not a college drop out. I am not beautiful. I am not a Leo. I am not a 40 year old white woman. 

I have experienced all of these things in my life. I will experience many more. I am witness to all of these things but the truth of who I am? I am everything. I am nothing. I am connected to you, this earth, the sky, the universe. And, we are love.



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