Jedi Fighting and the art of living

We have a bit of a Star Wars obsession in this house. I know it doesn’t look like it, but that is my oldest playing Jedi fighting with Tater Tot. The stuffed dragon is his light saber. He just keeps saying, “Tater is a natural Jedi. He’s blocking all my shots!”   
Ahh kids. Imagination, creativity, fun. I envy those adults that are able to keep those qualities in their life. After all, we are not surviving this human adventure so why bother spending any of it in anything other than fun? I, for one, take everything too damn serious. I spend too much time in ‘what if’ followed by expectations that the outcome of that what if will be tragedy or terror. 

What if I spent my time only thinking of Now? There will be no outcome to expect.

What if I spent my time expecting greatness? How fun would that be?

What if I allowed myself to try and fail? 

What if I allowed myself to have fun and embrace the outcome rather than never try and simply worry about what ‘might’ be. 

Well, would you look at that?! That kind of resembles what it might look like to actually have a life. Because I can tell you firsthand, spending time in the what if’s is no life at all.



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