All the Love – Healing Touch for Animals

Umm hi. I’ve thought of you all often. I feel like I have been away from the blog forever when in reality it has probably only been about a week or so. Anyway, last weekend I took the Healing Touch for Animals level 1 course in Raleigh. All I can say is Wow. I have always loved animals, but we learned techniques to create such a deeper bond with them that I truly felt how we are intricately connected. I watched as skeptics of energy work ‘felt’ the energy and could not deny what they were experiencing. I watched (often tears eyed) as dogs and horses seemingly melted under the peace and love of the work that was being done with them. 

Most incredibly, I watched my crazed Tater Tot transform. I was invited to bring him to our dog class on Saturday. It felt like such a mistake once we were there. He was aggressively barking at the other dogs, he was snapping at anyone other than me that wanted to do work with him. I was highly stressed and while he occasionally settled down, it appeared he was pretty stressed too. By the time lunch was over, I was a mess. I couldn’t hold back the tears. Especially because while doing this work, we open ourselves up to healing too. I felt like a failure, like I was doing a disservice to the class, Tater Tot and myself. I felt like there was no hope and no end in sight to the training with Tater.

Next thing I knew I heard, “Tater is so lucky to have a patient mom like you.” Woah. What? Are you sure? I certainly hadn’t felt patient, but just hearing those words I thought back to how long he has been a part of the family and how calm I had remained through the first part of the class and I realized she was right. Why does it take someone else pointing out your good qualities before you can see them yourself?

Then, I hear again, “Tater is lucky you are his Mom. Can I come pet him?” Are you sure? Have you not seen how aggressive he is being? And, when he proved my point, she casually backed off and chuckled. No anger, no impatience at this crazy dog I have brought to class that is probably distracting her. Just acceptance, empathy and love. Wow.

Finally, after grabbing a few more tissues that I knew I would probably need before the end of class we started back up again. When we were asked to partner up with someone to do the next exercise on the dogs, I wondered who would get ‘stuck’ with me and Tater. I barely had the time to have that thought when I saw someone immediately crossing the room to me saying, “I want to work with you!” I am sure my face must have been gold. I just couldn’t believe someone would be so eager to work with us. (Wow, I really can be quite harsh on myself) She was so patient with both of us and we ended up having some amazing results.

Fortunately the class was quite small so the instructor (who happened to be the founder, Carol Komitor!) was able to do some extra work on Tater that she normally wouldn’t have the ability to do during a class. It was during an instruction piece so we all watched as Tater was given behavioral adjustment work. I wish I had taken pictures. I was in happy (bawling) tears as she worked on him. It was like I watched the fear give way as he relaxed into his natural loving state. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. She stated more than once how she wished she had more time to do the work to really get it to stick, but she gave me the gift of having the tools to be able to continue the work at home which I have done. 

He is truly a different dog – no strike that. He is the Tater Tot that I always knew he was. It was only masked by fear. We still have some work to do, but the majority of the difficult work is done. He is now a loving, peaceful integrated part of our family that we joyfully embrace rather than stressfully manage. 

There was so much kindness and love shown to me that weekend that my heart overflows. I am grateful to HTA. I am grateful to Carol Komitor. I am grateful to my classmates. I am grateful to Tater for the lessons he has taught me and the love he has shown me. I am grateful for my family for their patience and I am grateful for this amazing connection that I have now firsthand seen that we all are truly connected. 

With so much love,



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