I’m Coming Home

Vacations are awesome. Even quick weekend trips. But, you know what is even more awesome? Coming home. Settling back into that comfortable routine. There is just something so sigh inducing about familiarity. So, what happens when there is a disruption in both the vacation and home?

Hubby has been in Atlanta working every 2 out of 3 weeks for the past 3 months. The longer time goes on without the house selling, the harder it is to watch him leave. So last Thursday I took the kids out of school early and allowed for them to skip school Friday so we could make a surprise visit to Atlanta. Best. Decision. Ever.

We had an amazing time doing a little more sightseeing of our new home town, having the whole family together (even Tater Tot) and looking up places we may want to live. I intended to bring us home Saturday but the agony of leaving hubby was greater than the responsibility and comfort of returning home even with the hotel having such terrible coffee.

We returned home yesterday and it was just as always, a smile crept across my lips at the familiarity of returning home. This morning that sigh slipped out as I enjoyed my casual routine of making my (excellent) coffee and helping to get the kids ready for school. But, this time I caught myself. The sigh was followed up with a ‘something’s missing’ feeling.

The big issue here is that this isn’t home. Neither is Atlanta. Hubby is home. All of us together is home. So, until that day comes that we are permanently together in one location, I am learning how to settle in to this temporary place of home/not home no matter where we are.



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