Teaching your way to knowledge

I read something the other day that really struck me, “You teach best what you most need to learn” by Richard Bach. I am not sure what his interpretation of it meant to be, but it certainly led me down an interesting thought path. My first thought was to the idiom, ‘those who can, do; those who can’t, teach’.  How were the two connected? Are they even connected?

I had a need to learn about energy work. I was only healing to a certain extent within the medical and even dietary fields. I knew there was more. Energy work has been that more. It has brought me more healing physically, mentally and spiritually. And, because of that I needed to learn (and keep learning) everything I could about all aspects of it.

I also have felt a pull toward teaching. I have even begun teaching my best friend’s daughter about chakras and energy work. What keeps holding me back is the thought that I didn’t go to school for it, or I haven’t learned enough to become an expert. Yet, the knowledge that I have gained with my passionate interest has already allowed me to educate others even if it’s only to create awareness around the fact that we are energetic beings which includes an energetic field (aura) around us. Yet the firmly held belief I had that only experts can teach kind of got blown out of the water with that quote.

To me, Bach’s quote is a reflection of that passion I feel around energy work. Of course you will teach best that which you are passionate about. It’s that passion that generates interest in others. It’s that enthusiasm that gives them the feeling like they need to learn more about it too. And, where does that passion come from? More than likely it came from lack or desire for more in your life. Some form of void begging to be filled. You remember what it was like to need that knowledge. When you teach others, you teach from a space of understanding that need. What a great connection that fosters.

I’m not really sure how that corresponds with the idiom. Huh. Don’t I feel like a fool. Well, there you go, insight in to how my brain works. Doesn’t always connect the dots. Ha Ha

What is it you most need to learn? Are you already teaching it? I would love to hear.




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