What is normal?

My bestie and I were in Savannah this weekend for my birthday. It was wonderful, thank you! We had just picked up some produce at the farmers market when I made a remark about wanting to feel normal. (I haven’t been feeling so normal since embarking on a 28-day raw diet detox) She immediately responded with, “Normal isn’t real.” It came so quick because she has to remind her 10-year-old daughter with special needs of this daily.

Normal is what we make of it. If we want to fit in with the masses then normal is what the media projects it to be. Thin models, successful business people, always striving for bigger houses, better cars, younger faces. If we want to stand out (I am pretty sure you fit in this category) then we have to create our own normal.

Perhaps your normal is choosing a vegan lifestyle for your health even though you know no one else doing this. (pointing a finger at me) Perhaps your normal is taking on multiple jobs to provide your family with everything you ever wanted for them. Perhaps your normal is dressing in gender neutral clothes and making others wonder. Perhaps your normal is leaving a lucrative job to pursue your passion which barely affords your survival but brings you unimaginable joy.

I used to think I loved being weird. It made me different, made me feel special. Yet calling myself weird is agreeing with the idea that there is such a thing as normal. It fosters judgment. I am not weird. I am not different. I am Melinda.

What would it look like if you allowed yourself to be unapologetically you and create your own brand of normal?





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