How do I overcome fear to live my best life?

Fear is the thing keeping us from doing all the things we really want to do. But, no you say. It’s not fear. It’s responsibility. It’s time. It’s not being/having enough. Bullshit. It’s fear. Ok, great. But, Melinda, how do I overcome fear to live my best life? Awesome question.

Let’s start with what you may be afraid of. You are afraid people will call you irresponsible. You are afraid you will run out of time or not be able to go out with friends anymore or you are afraid you will neglect your family. You are afraid someone will tell you how terrible you are. You are afraid you will become bankrupt. You are afraid your body will give out on you. Fear.

Take a moment (it’s super quick, I swear) and try this little exercise:

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Say to yourself (preferably out loud), “I am an irresponsible person.” (feel free to swap this out with any of the fears listed above, or perhaps you have your own)

Without judgment, feel your body. How does it feel? Does it feel tight? Does it feel constricting? Do you feel yourself shrink? Do you feel a rush of heat? Does your face flush? That is what fear feels like.

Now, breathe in and out again.

Say to yourself, “I am a responsible person.” (just use the opposite of your fear to declare your worth)

Without judgment, feel your body. How does it feel now? Do you feel it relax? Do you feel a lightness? Do you feel a coolness like a breeze blowing over you? Do you feel yourself expand? That is what your Truth feels like.

Your body already knows the Truth of who you are. It tries to tell you every single day. Every thought you think, every statement you make, it tells you. Now that you know what it feels like, you can begin to overcome the fear holding you back. It takes practice to listen to it but over time you can take back control of your life. You can live the life you always dreamed of living!

I challenge you to practice this exercise every day. Begin with the examples above. Then start customizing to your very specific fears. Eventually move on to living in a way that you make all of your decisions based on your Truth. Living in such a way doesn’t remove the things that you fear. It allows you permission to live despite them. The super awesome thing about that is once you begin living your life your way you don’t care anymore. You recognize your own awesomeness and don’t need it validated by anyone else ever.

Now look at you. All going about living your best life and all. Who knew you could overcome fear? Here’s a little hint. I did. I always knew.




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