A Time to Mourn

My dear loves,

Take your time to mourn. Do it without judgment of yourself. However long it takes. Rage if you need to, but please whatever you do, do not rage against those who supported him. We must remember and believe that love trumps hate despite the results of this election.

We may not see it now, we may not see it next year, but someday we will see how this election became a catalyst for change for so many.

When your mourning period is over, take the time to see the miracle at work here. So many people who have felt they didn’t have a voice took the time to vote. Trump got people to vote. That in and of itself is an awakening. That is amazing. He became a voice for the silent masses. Now that they have come out, may they never go back in.

Whether it was fear, anger, or just plain disgust with the way our government is run, the people have spoken.

That must wake US up. Change was inevitable in this country. It’s been coming a long time, but nothing up until this point was a strong enough catalyst. Here we are. I hope you are fired up for change. I hope you are not willing to stand by and allow things to run their course.

There are more elections to come, there are more battles to be fought. Join me in an aggressive, peaceful protest of these changes that we allowed to occur on our soil. What does an aggressive, peaceful protest look like? Fuck if I know. But, I know that at the core of it, there is love.

Let’s love the shit out of some people and prove that hate isn’t the answer. That walls aren’t the answer. That being separate is not the answer.

Let’s prove that connection wins. That collaboration wins. That love wins.

Let’s hunker down because the hard work is about to begin. But, first; we mourn. A necessary process to cleanse our hearts of any anger and hatred. I intend to take the next seven days to do just that because while I believe love wins, I’m also scared and mad as hell. I will be on sabbatical from social media. If during this time you need me, email me.

With love,



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