Review of Tears to Triumph

Guys!! I have a crazy, awesome idea! I adore spiritual books so much, I decided to begin reviewing them for you. I mean, I’m reading them anyway and sometimes even I wonder if a particular book is worth reading. (not really, I want to read them allllllll) So, now, you will have a place to come to to see for yourself if a book is right for you.

My first book was a no-brainer. It’s Tears to Triumph by Marianne Williamson. I picked it because hubby and I went to see her one month ago, so I got her to sign my book! Yippeee!


Me talking to Marianne! ❤

What’s It About?

Marianne Williamson is a long time teacher of A Course in Miracles. In her latest book, Tears to Triumph, she dives into helping us all remember that suffering is a fact of life and the meaning of life is to triumph over it. She uses stories from the Buddha, Moses, and Jesus as examples of how suffering is an opportunity to rise above and is the path to enlightenment.

My Thoughts

I finished the book after I watched her speak, so I’m not sure if that altered the way I view the book. But, the details with which she went into to make her points could not be denied. I loved the way she dove into her own past and vulnerably put herself out there. I loved the way she used client examples of overcoming suffering. And, I shockingly loved the way she spoke about the Buddha, Moses, and Jesus. It reminded me of why I loved those stories as a child. It also got me to thinking that maybe I knew better as a child.

She also really dove into the problems with overmedicating and how suffering in depression should not be numbed. Depression is our bodies natural way of working through the suffering. I wholeheartedly believe this statement. (Yet, I am also on the same page as her when it comes to requiring medication for a medical imbalance.)

My Takeaway Quotes

I highlighted the book like crazy, but here are a few of my favorites:

“Your human self might be in hell right now, but your divine self is literally untouched by your suffering. And your divine self is who you are.”

“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love, changing an effect in our lives by changing the thinking that caused it.”

“Enlightenment isn’t a learning, but an unlearning. It’s a process, usually involving a lot of trial and error, through which we come to reject the ego’s guidance and accept love’s guidance instead.”

“The future is programmed in the present. If we enter the present carrying thoughts of the past, we program the future to be just like the past. But when we enter the present without the past, we free the future to be unlike it.”

How I Incorporated It In My Life

After I read the book (and heard her speak), I couldn’t stop thinking about this line, “After repeated cycles of mess-up-your-life-then-fall-to-your-knees, mess-up-your-life-then-fall-to-your-knees, one day I finally said to myself, “Next time you’re down on your knees, Marianne, just stay there!”” I played it over and over again in my head. I struggle with letting go of control and surrendering. It was in repeating this as a mantra to myself over and over again that I finally let go.

I was in the shower (come one, don’t you all do your best thinking in the shower?) and her words sank in. If it hadn’t been for the slipperyness of the shower and the fact that I would have hit my head on the shower seat, I would have dropped to my knees right then. I cried with every ounce of feeling I had in my heart and soul. I held out my hands and surrendered my life to God. I understood that every time I thought I was achieving something, it was actually God and I have been blocking all other achievements God (Universe, Love, Higher Self, whatever you call it) wishes to achieve through me. It was profound.


I was wary of the religious undertones going in to Tears to Triumph, but rather than turn me off, it turned me back on to the spiritual ideas behind religion. I have been inspired to take more action in my own spirituality for the sake of myself and this country (she touches on politics and our sad state of affairs). While the book can seem a little slow at times, there are many moments that stand out and this feels like one of those books where everyone will take away a little something different.

I hope you like my book review. If you liked it, if there’s something I missed that you would like to know about in my next review, or have a book suggestion, leave me a comment below.

In light and love,




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